Web Site Policy

The CGA Parents Association web site was created to provide information to the public about the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and the Coast Guard Academy Parents Association (CGAPA). The web site encourages eligible applicants to attend the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and their parents or guardians to become participating members of the CGA Parents Association. Additionally, this web site is intended to serve the CGA Parents Association goals of providing an understanding and appreciation of the Academy to the public; assisting in the orientation of new cadets and parents; and facilitating communication between cadets, parents, and the Academy Administration. In a continuing effort to achieve these goals, the Webmaster and Parents Association Council adopt the following policy:

  1. The CGAPA Web Site shall remain public and will include information about the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and the CGA Parents Association, and a database of Parent Association Message List members.
  2. The Webmaster is a volunteer and must be a member of the CGA Parents Association. When required, the CGAPA Corresponding Secretary and the current Webmaster shall select a suitable volunteer to act as the new Webmaster.
  3. Using CGAPA web pages, confidential information or the CGAPA Webmaster title for any purpose other than the intended operation of this web site is prohibited.
  4. The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the content on the web site and will assist the Corresponding Secretary in overseeing Message List operations. The Webmaster will provide assistance to establish Message List service to the parents of Swab Summer cadets. The Webmaster will make links available to all active local Chapter web sites. The Webmaster may choose not to post material that is inappropriate or lacks relevance to the Coast Guard Academy Parents Association.
  5. All members of the CGA Parents Association are to be included in the Message List database upon their request. The Webmaster is only allowed to require Name(s), E-mail Address, Relationship, Hometown, Cadet's Name and Class Year for inclusion in the Message List database. The Webmaster retains authority concerning inclusion of any non-members in the directory and will forward any questions to the Corresponding Secretary.
  6. The Webmaster shall provide the CGAPA Corresponding Secretary with a report prior to the Spring and Fall Parents Association Council meetings. The Spring report will include back up files of the web site and related electronic services as approropriate.
  7. Any complaints regarding the CGAPA web site may be referred to the CGAPA Corresponding Secretary for review.

Please address your comments, questions, or suggestions to the webmaster.

47 Mohegan Ave., New London, CT, 06320-8111 ·  860.442.2683 (p) ·  860.442.2690 (f)