The Bear Club provides essential annual support to sustain and enhance the financial resources for CGA Athletics beyond what the Federal government provides.
Gifts to the Bear Club impact the most critical needs for CGA Athletics:

  1. Cadet-athlete travel
  2. Hire & retain the best non-billeted coaches


Your gift, of any size, has a direct impact on CGA Athletics and cadet-athletes. 


Hopley Yeaton Society

Impact: Approximately 50% of the average cost to send a team to NCAA competition outside of the region


Henriques Society

Impact: 100% - 200% of a part-time positional coach salary


Spirit of 1879 Society

Impact: 3 plane tickets for cadet-athletes


Superintendent's Club

Impact: 83% of 1-day bus use


Eagle Club

Impact: Lunch and dinner for a cadet-athlete for 10 days


Bear Club Insider

Impact: One night hotel lodging for two cadet-athletes

Bear Club donors enjoy benefits associated with their donations; however, even more important than what you’ll receive is what you provide to the cadet-athletes. By supplementing the Athletics Department budget the Bear Club helps to provide the first-class experience that every Academy cadet-athlete deserves.

*At least 80% of all gifts designated to specific team funds are restricted to the respective program. The difference is applied to the Bear Club Fund. Gifts designated to the Bear Club Fund are used to support operations and additional Athletics priorities, such as the sponsorship of the National Competition Award.


Trueson Tarinelli
 Director of the Bear Club
(860) 442-2683 x29